Badminton – From performance sport to official competition at the Olympics

Badminton – one of the sports with the largest number of players in the world, because it is not picky about the sport to play. Badminton’s origins date back to the mid-18th century in the former British colony of British India, created by a British army officer. This game became popular at the British garrison in the town of Poona.

The game was brought back to England by a retired officer, where it was developed and the rules of the game were developed. There are also many other origins but there is no exact confirmation about its history.

The World Badminton Federation was originally the International Badminton Association founded in 1934 with 9 founding members. Up to now, the World Badminton Federation has 141 members. That’s controlling all badminton activities in the world and organizing international tournaments.

At the 1972 and 1988 Olympics, badminton was just a show sport. But at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona-Spain, badminton officially became a competitive sport.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, badminton has one more content to compete, the men’s and women’s doubles. Since then, badminton has 5 events and is applicable to all tournaments, not just Olympic.

If only racquet or club sports are counted alone, badminton is the fastest speed sport. If you take into account the general sports, badminton is the second fastest speed sport after shooting.

According to records, the legendary Malaysian tennis player – Lee Chong Wei had a smash of up to 456 km for hour in 2010. However, this record was broken three years later, male doubles player Tan Boo Heong. Malaysia has hit the bridge up to 493 km for hour. Guinness record recognizes this as the fastest smash in badminton history.

The World Men’s Badminton Championships, otherwise known as the Thomas Cup. The Thomas Cup was donated by the first President of Badminton Federation – Duke Thomas in 1939.

Previously, the tournament was allowed to be held once every 3 years, now it is changed to be held every 2 years. The content includes 3-match singles and 2-match double.

Kento Momota – A spectacular return to number 1 in the men’s badminton world rankings

Japanese tennis player Kento Momota is in his peak badminton era, acquiring almost all of the highest titles in the badminton world. He quickly rose to become the number 1 player globally.

It can be said that Japanese badminton once appeared in the men’s singles world championship finals before the match in 2018. Kento Momota has entered the history of Japanese badminton. When it reached the final of this tournament is in the men’s singles division as the first Japanese after many years of absence.

It was Kento Momota who continued to write history when becoming the first Japanese men’s singles champion in the world badminton tournament. He proved his natural talent when he surpassed the Chinese host country’s Shi Yuqi 2-0.

Top badminton player Kento Momota was the person who held second place in the world during the previous badminton championship season. The cause of this more than a year ban was due to him being involved in an illegal casino gambling suspicion.

He was determined to start again from zero. Just one year after returning to competitive badminton, Kento Momota had risen to the top of world badminton extremely convincingly.

Kento Momota has returned, showing her never-degrading status after more than a year of probation. He has surprised the world by winning all the noble titles.

Currently he has world, Asian, and world championships at all BWF levels. Most recently, he has made Japan proud to step up to the World Tour Finals 2020 championship.

The top badminton player beat Indonesia’s Anthony Ginting 17-21, 21-17, 21-14 after just 87 minutes of intense competition. He also won the last championship in Guangzhou, China.

It is worth noting, this is the 11th championship he achieved in the year. This has helped him overcome his historic record of winning 10 awards within a year of retired legend Lee Chong Wei.

Kento Momota lacked only one Olympic Olympic gold medal. In this tournament the Summer Olympics held in Japan itself in 2020. He was determined to win this gold medal, bringing glory to the country.

Champion Roland Garros 2020, Nadal leveled Federer’s Grand Slam record

Easily beat world No 1 Novak Djokovic after 3 games with an overwhelming 6-0, 6-2 and 7-5 score in the 11-10 final evening. Rafael Nadal won the 13th Roland Garros and leveled Roger Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slams.

On the forte field, Rafael Nadal is not too difficult to win the 13th championship title at Roland Garros. The 35-year-old Spaniard only needs 2 hours and 43 minutes of competition to knock the world’s No. 1 Novak Djokovic in 3 games.

He set up a record of victory and did not lose any game in his journey to defend the throne of the Open Solution 2020.

The 56th match between the two players had an unexpected end to the fans expectations. Djokovic proved short of breath and played in imperfect condition after experiencing a difficult semi-final before. The 33-year-old Serbian kept making mistakes and quickly surrendered when Nadal took the lead in the first two games of the final. Nole only really made it difficult for Nadal in game 3, but that was not enough to help him topple him.

Victory over Djokovic is also the 100th win of Nadal’s career at the Grand Slam tournament taking place on the field. He became the first player in the history of Roland Garros to reach 100 wins after 102 appearances and just one more win.

Nadal will be in the top four players with a record of 1,000 wins in his career. He is behind the legends as Jimmy Connors (1,274), Roger Federer (1,242) and Ivan Lendl (1,068).

The 13th time champion Roland Garros is also the 20th Grand Slam title of Nadal’s career and he has equalized the record. He became the second male player in the world to have the most Grand Slams. Nadal also got the second biggest title in 2020 and shortened the score against Djokovic to 27-29.

After the win, Rafael Nadal said: “This title means a lot in my playing career. I came out with the determination to win the game and never thought about leveling the 20 Grand Slam. By Roger Federer, I’ve been through most of the key moments in my career. And I will never forget every moment, the memory of playing, crowning on this favorite pitch, in this beautiful city”.

Factors that make a good tennis player

Here are a few factors that make up a good tennis player that you should refer to when planning to step on the next professional tennis path. If you are not really passionate, you cannot go far in any area of ​​life, and tennis is no exception. This is the most important factor, so I leave it first.

An environment full of good people, continuous practice and learning will help you quickly join the top players of the world. At the French and German academies that I’ve just attended, there are always top 30 ATP players who regularly practice with amateurs.

As a result, you always have a serious practice example in front of you, and it’s no wonder the players who come there learn very quickly. If you keep hitting and winning there is no reward for the effort, you will hardly improve when playing tennis. The key to becoming a good player is discipline and concentration when concentrating and playing.

At prestigious institutions, they have excellent spiritual encouragement, and also severe disciplinary measures. You may be dismissed from school if you do not show the discipline of the practice.

If the first three factors favor the mental factor, then from the 4th to 7th factor are the technical factors of using the racquet and the ball. The interesting thing when I hear them explain how to hold the racquets. Oh well, most of us do not talk about these extremely important elements.

Yet this is the main reason why most players keep moving up to a certain extent, stopping, and eventually having to re-practice. That’s how to grip after more than a decade of practicing tennis!

Tennis differs from Golf in that you do not have time to correct your posture, position and watch the weather. The ball comes so fast and can be in all directions. That’s making you have extremely flexible grip and practice your ability to handle different grip for each ball.

Tennis is a competition of movement. Even if you hit the ball with the right technique, but you cannot run to the ball, everything is in vain.

Woman playing table tennis with one hand and “sport mother”

Natalia Partyka and Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi are the next two special schools to be updated at the London Olympics. The Olympic Committee increasingly loosens regulations on disability review standards. This is said to be a more humane move and broadens the ability of ordinary athletes to integrate into the world.

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Since the Olympic Committee has held fierce meetings to expand the athletes’ ability to participate in the Olympics. Many miracles have been built and have become stories that have touched audiences for generations.

After the Olympic-sized effort and Oscar Pistorius’s competition in athletics, Natalia Partyka’s table tennis match made many people shed tears. They have seen her play steadily with only her left hand.

If you only listen to Natalia’s competitive element, most won’t be surprised because she plays with her left hand. While her arm is no longer a right hand.

But the ability to maintain balance in the field of table tennis is extremely important, she had to practice extremely focused for a long time. She is able to maintain balance during movement like a normal athlete.

Not having many difficulties like Natalia, Malaysian shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi is not a handicapped athlete. But she was shocked when she was eight months pregnant to London for the Olympics.

Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi was pregnant during the Olympic preparations. This is normal and Malaysian women take family very seriously.

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Suryani also has no intention of abandoning this child to attend the top-notch arena. If the Malaysian Shooting Federation does not allow her to participate in this Olympics.

When she was pregnant, both Suryani and her husband were extremely happy. But when Suryani expressed his intention to still want to practice to go to London. Surprisingly, her husband completely agreed and cheered for his wife’s intention

The US Open tennis tournament will take place at Indian Wells

According to Marca, the US Open 2020 tennis tournament will most likely be relocated from New York to Indian Wells, California. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic devastating Manhattan and surrounding areas.

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The new executive director of the American Tennis Association Michael Dowse said the organization will make an official decision about the US Open. Mr. Dowse also said that the ability to play on the field without the audience is not high.

Tennis world world 2020 received many shocks. The Covid-19 pandemic caused many tournaments to be canceled or postponed to this year. Roger Federer soon had to break up this season because his recovery from knee surgery must progress much slower than expected.

Novak Djokovic and a number of other famous players such as Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric or Viktor Troicki and some related people were infected with Covid-19 during the competition.

Or they have close contact with attendees of the infamous Adria Tour tournament. Luckily among these, Djokovic and his wife – Jelena Ristic have just been confirmed.

Other excellent players are eagerly awaiting the 2020 tennis season to resume with the ATP Tour tournaments starting from August 14. Of these, their focus will be on the Grand Slam US Open and Roland Garros.

The almost absolute dominance of the legendary trio is approximately equal to or surpassing the hash age as Federer, Nadal and Djokovic in the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments.

US Open tennis tournament approved for August in New York – Orange ...

De Minaur was twice runner-up to the ATP 500 when he lost in the final against Alexander Zverev at Citi Open. His head-to-head record against top 10 ATP players is won 4 and lost 13 out of 17 times against these opponents.

De Minaur has also been the runner-up for NextGen ATP Finals for 2 consecutive years. This is the tournament that gathered the best 8 U21 professional male players in the season.

Earlier this year, the young Australian star beat Alexander Zverev and Denis Shapovalov. That’s before losing to Daniel Evans and Rafael Nadal in the men’s ATP Cup men’s team cup.

Global sports betting – Market size and growth

The global sports betting market continues to maintain incredible growth in 2020. In fact, this is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, bringing huge profits to both bookmakers. Many sports betting enthusiasts in the US will certainly not be able to ignore this information.

With the burgeoning digital revolution, the industry continues to undergo new changes, increasingly expanding. But it is not that there are no reliable statistics. So it just stops the more modest numbers

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According to Statista, a highly reputable data company and licensed online sports betting accounts for up to $ 39.7 billion in revenue. However, the rest is located at venues such as casinos and racecourse, dog racing.

If this pace continues, US sports betting will gain an increasingly significant share of the world market. According to a recent Statista survey, more than 50 percent of US citizens admit to having bet on a sporting event at least once in their lifetime. With the stigma still surrounding sports betting in the US, this is an astonishing survey.

With a population of over 4 billion, it is not surprising that the APAC region holds the most significant market share in the sports betting industry. It is estimated that residents who fall into the APAC region contribute up to 47 percent of world sales.

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However, the economic prosperity of the rest of the region provides usable income for recreational activities. As income continues to rise in the APAC region, more and more funds are being invested in sporting events.

While all eyes are on the United States and APAC, sports betting is still growing in other parts of the world. Although growth may not seem strong or impressive in Australia and Europe, it is mainly due to the long history in these areas.

Artificial intelligence can advise future sports betting players

Every big football like Euro or World Cup, the betting world becomes exciting. There are people who are fortunate to earn a fortune, but there are also many people who are empty-handed. Is that in the future, when AI technology is booming. Can it offer advice to minimize the risk of losing a player?

According to BGR News, scientists are exploring how AI and machine learning predict the outcome of sports betting. That’s computer power has the potential to outperform an analytical child’s ability people.

Các tỷ lệ cá cược thể thao kèo Châu Á

Specifically, they rely on machine learning, common statistics, and random approaches to make forecasts. The applied method is explained in detail by MIT Technology Review.

Instead of calculating the results at each arm, the process calculates the results of the random arms. It does this multiple times, each with a different set of branches also randomly selected. The end result is an average of all randomly generated decisions.

They analyze the probability of winning conditionally to create results for each stage in the tournament. The method indicates that Spain are better than Germany. Because Germany has a relatively high elimination rate in the round of 16 teams.

The data is then processed by the company so it can generate probability forecasts. Finally, the prediction was made that Germany will beat Brazil to crown, while the remaining two teams in the top 4 are Spain and France.

cách chọn kèo cá cuoc bóng dá casino m88

Another company, Goldman Sachs, was also involved in the game using machine learning. Up to now, all of these predictions were wrong, because Germany came home right after the group stage. It’s too early to say that AI is likely to make more accurate predictions in the future.

Thereby it becomes an effective tool to help betting players more confident when participating in the fight with the house. Because football is an unpredictable sport with the element of surprise that can happen at any time.

Sports betting takes technology products to the next level

In the US, the amount of illegal sports betting is up to 150 billion dollars a year. They even have it right after that situation ends. These highlights videos excite viewers in predicting the next evolution of the match.

From there, bet on the probabilities. It is the success of WSC Sports that has motivated other technology groups to invest more heavily in online sports betting. All information that customers need must be available.

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WSC Sports will automatically send videos of the match’s most notable situations to the user’s facebook account. This makes them feel excited, curious to predict the situation that will happen next in the match.

In the match betting is a more modern type of betting where bettors can bet on an event when it happens. Odds that are adjusted after the event starts reflect how it started and what is expected to open when the event takes place. Odds are updated continuously until betting closes just before the event ends or when the event ends.

Specifically, they rely on machine learning, common statistics, and random approaches to make forecasts. Instead of calculating the results at each arm, the process calculates the results of the random arms. It does this multiple times, each with a different set of branches also randomly selected. The end betting result is an average of all randomly generated decisions

The Emergence Of Sports Betting

Optimove provides services to assist betting companies in interacting with the user of the application through every touch point, every click. They are even interacting via email. Because football is an unpredictable sport with the element of surprise that can happen at any time. Given the momentum of today’s technology, we cannot know what awaits AI ahead.

Another company, Goldman Sachs, was also involved in the game using machine learning. They ran 200,000 simulations and made predictions that Brazil won against Germany in the final.

188bet is under long-term maintenance because of corona outbreaks

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte issued declaration order 929 on March 12 with a series of quarantine measures and a suspension of travel to and from Manila to limit the spread of Corona – Covid 19 virus.

Not only industries such as tourism, restaurants, shopping centers, education, … casinos and online entertainment websites based in Makati cannot avoid the impact of this epidemic. One of them is 188bet sports betting website and online casino with headquarters in Makati, Manila. This is an area heavily affected and stagnated by a prolonged epidemic

On the morning of March 21, 2020, 188bet made the first move to close all 188bet access to the house, temporarily suspending support for all online entertainment products and services to coordinate with the government in realizing execute this 929 statement.

Similar to the link on 188bet is blocked by network operators in Vietnam, during 188bet maintenance due to epidemics players will not be able to access this homepage of this house. However, players will not be provided backup link on 188bet because all 188bet links are not accessible. Players should note this point to avoid joining the 188bet impersonator.

Is the money in 188bet lost during maintenance?

Although no official announcement time for operation again. But by brand reputation, the 188bet dealer with over 5 years of operation can ensure all information and money in 188bet players are safe and absolutely reserved.

How long does 188bet maintain and when does it finish?

With the disease situation becoming serious and the current speed of spread, the operating time of entertainment companies in general and of 188bet in particular seems to be far away. The maintenance period of the 188bet dealer is still a question mark and largely depends on the disease situation in the country.

The situation has not shown signs of positive change and more and more bookies are announcing long-term maintenance. However, players can still choose other online bookmakers and entertainment sites during the 188bet bookmaker maintenance. For assistance with entertainment registration on alternative websites, members please contact us via online livechat.

Hopefully, the above information will help players feel more secure about 188bet’s long-term maintenance and choose a reputable, safer alternative entertainment address. Wishing members of 188bet health to overcome this challenge!