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Argentina coach: ‘If I win Copa America, I will retire.’

Scaloni joked about the coronation of the tango team when playing on Brazil.

Argentina is the runner-up of Copa America for the last two years. They have not won this tournament since 1993. When asked about this year’s opportunity at a press conference before going to Colombia, Lionel Scaloni joked: “If we win, I will retire. “

Although there is no long-term contract with Argentina, Scaloni is aware of the importance of the tournament in Brazil. He hightlighted that they were there to play all matches, and also to show that the Argentinian deserved to wear a blue and white striped shirt.”

In the 2019 Copa America match, Argentina faces a hard-to-play Colombian opponent, with many stars such as Radamel Falcao, James Rodriguez, Juan Cuadrado. However, the history of confrontation was tilted toward Argentina when they won three, drawn two at the last five encounters. At the Copa America 2015, the tango team drew 0-0 after 120 minutes and won the 5-4 shootout in the quarterfinals.

“Colombia is a tough team. They have twice made it to the Copa America finals. Therefore, nothing is easy in this game. It is important that my students stay focused and think about the game.” , Scaloni emphasized.

The Argentine captain did not forget to praise Lionel Messi, who was determined to conquer his first team title in 2019. He appreciated his enthusiasm every time he came out, adding that Messi is born to play and win. They are happy to know that Messi is there with other players to win the cup.

Left-back Nicolas Tagliafico, who recently joined Ajax in the Champions League semi-finals, also praised Messi for his words. He said that it was incredible when a person is full of the title as Messi still desired to win.

What International Football Fans Should Know About Copa America

Copa America 2019 tickets are finally on sale, meaning that thousands of international football fans finally have the chance to witness one of the world’s best sports tournaments.

It’s estimated that at least 770,000 tickets will be sale to accommodate the countless fans from all over the world traveling to this amazing event, hosted in Brazil. Prices will range from $16 to $240.

Whether football is your favorite sport or not, it’s not a waste to learn a little bit  about the international football tournament that is going to take the world by storm: Copa America 2019. Here’s what you can expect at this event.


Copa America 2019 has scheduled 26 matches among 12 football teams in three weeks from June 14 to July 7. During this period, fans can witness the international football tour right in Brazil, that is well-known for its fervent football fans.

The football tours will take place in five different cities of Brazil, showcasing the beauty of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, and Sao Paulo.


Uruguay, the tournament’s most successful team to date, is undoubtedly the leader of the pack. However, Brazil and Argentina, amidst a huge rivalry, are planned to go head-to-head on Brazil’s home turf, making this a can’t-miss event. Lionel Messi is predicted to be one of the world’s strongest football players showcased at the event.

This years, besides the participants that are members of CONMEBOL, there are two AFC guest teams that are Japan and Qatar.

Particularly, this year’s tournament is especially unique because it’s the first year having no CONCACAF representatives.


It’s estimated that 27% of all trips in 2012 were for the purpose of witnessing a sports event. Due to so many heavy-hitters this year, this number may be even larger for these Brazil football tours. The Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro can hold nearly 75,000 people alone.