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Man City – the brightest candidate for the Premier League champion (Part 2)

This is also the eloquent message for the unparalleled resources that Guardiola inherited at Etihad. Summer 2018, Man City broke the club’s transfer record when recruiting Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City for $ 79 million. But Mahrez sat down for most of the season, only playing 14 times in the Premier League.

This summer, Man City spent $ 72 million on young Spanish midfielder Rodri. They then turned Joao Cancelo into the most high profile defender in history with $ 70 million (this number was removed after Man City sold Danilo back to Juventus). In total, Man City spent $ 250 million only for a full-back position within three years. And at the first match – against West Ham, Kyle Walker played like he wanted to remind Cancelo “don’t dream of taking his place”.

That’s how Guardiola created a positive competitive atmosphere in Man City. No one is irreplaceable. Look at Leroy Sane, the German striker who was very eager to join Bayern Munich before suffering a knee injury against West Ham. Superior talent, but last season Sane almost only prepared. So that Bayern knocked on the door, Man City gently replied: “160 million USD”, and did not accept bargaining. They are not short of money, and Guardiola knows what a player needs most: get on the pitch regularly.

Guardiola and Man City are being criticized, that they are too rich and their success is based on purchasing power on the transfer floor. One of the main critics is Jurgen Klopp. Guardiola immediately responded to fellow Liverpool side. The City’s chairman pointed out: the contracts brought back to Etihad are indelible to Guardiola’s extraordinary achievements, because Man Utd pointed out: money is not a panacea.

Last season, Liverpool showed remarkable courage to race against Man City until the final round. That competition created an illusion: City’s wealth did not create a significant advantage. But it is possible that this 2019-2020 season will expose that illusion.

Man City – the brightest candidate for the Premier League champion (Part 1)

Just in the season, Man City proved they are the brightest candidates for the championship that is considered the most difficult planet.

Rafael Benitez has never been terrified by any powerful opponent. If the opponent surpasses his team in every way, with an immense level of distance that cannot be leveled, he also conceals a very good fear.

That’s why Premier League clubs want to hear Benitez share his “know-how”, because Newcastle is the closest team to beat Man City in the domestic league. Benitez did not show any pride or attempt to hide his career.

Of course, his more specialized ideas are not so bleak. “Defeating Man City is possible,” Benitez said. But it requires two things: a perfect match and the help of luck. The players of the opponent must show the optimal performance, and the player of Pep Guardiola suddenly malfunctioned. Otherwise, all preparations will become meaningless.

That comment is not too words. Man City is dead with the Premier League rivals last season. Liverpool, Mr. King of Europe, playing a perfect asymptotic season. They finish with 97 points – the highest in the club’s history. They only lost exactly one match for the whole season, but still only finished second.

The championship last season was the eloquent message for the quality of the team that coach Guardiola built, with a meticulous plan and a frightening effect in the way he pinned the students’ brains. The statistics about them are amazing. In the past two years, Man City have won 201 in 231 maximum points – including the opening round of the season where Man City beat West Ham 5-0 recently. They lost only six in 77 rounds, scoring 206 goals and conceding 50 goals. Exceptionally British has never witnessed any more destructive machine than that.

70 percent of the UK are watching Premier League title race


The most exciting title race in years of Premier League has attracted some record-breaking television audiences all over the world, Sportsmail reveals.

While clubs such as Juventus are pushing for the formation of a European Super League in order to weaken the domestic leagues, the latest figures show that the appeal of English football has been greater than ever before.

The full season’s international figures are not yet in with the final weekend of fixtures to go; however, they are tracking a lot higher and in some territories around the world, the Premier League has achieved its highest audience for an individual match.

Interestingly, that appeal is not only limited to any single marquee fixture such as Liverpool versus Manchester United.

In India, it was that match, but in Brazil, it was Chelsea versus City, while in Canada, the Netherlands, and Denmark, it was Manchester City against Liverpool. It was United versus Huddersfield in Norway while Tottenham’s encounter with Wolves has attracted a record audience in South Korea.

Although live TV viewing figures have not reached record levels in the UK, there has been a notable 9% uplift on last season with about 70% of the total population watching Premier League across BT Sport, Sky, or the BBC’s Match of the Day.

With the fact that traditional TV viewing is in decline, Premier League finds this hugely encouraging.

Sky has had 16 matches with more than 2million audience this season, that is more than the past two seasons combined.

Richard Masters, the Interim Premier League chief executive, said that they always hoped the race for the title continued right up till the final day and Liverpool and Manchester City had delivered on that in some style.

Moreover, the Premier League claim that tickets sold is tracking at 95%, while their efforts have also played a part in the increasing of TV viewing. They have successfully blocked up to 175,000 illegal streams in the UK this season.