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Complete guide and tips about basketball betting (Part 1)

If you’ve ever played soccer betting, it’s easy to learn about basketball betting. However, basketball betting still has differences, you need to pay attention to increase the win rate when playing. In order for players to understand more about this subject, we will introduce some information such as betting rules at the bookmakers, how to bet basketball and quick betting tips for winning as follows.

Introducing basketball betting

It can be seen that in recent years basketball has grown constantly and always captured a solid position in the hearts of every person. Not only popular in the world, but in Vietnam, this game is loved by many people. Every year our country often cooperates with Southeast Asian countries to open basketball tournaments. From these tournaments, people can exchange culture and economy with other countries.

Because basketball is interested in serving everyone, the bookmakers offer online basketball betting. Compared to football betting, this game is not as attractive as it is, but if you go into it, you will also have a great passion. You are even more passionate than football betting games.

General rules for basketball betting at bookmakers

Knowing the rules of the game can not only help people win and not break the rules when betting. Sometimes the transgressions make you lose even more. Here are some rules when betting on basketball everyone must remember.

Basketball betting results need to be based on the result of the first match including all minutes played, extra time and extra time. When playing basketball everyone will play until the classification of victory and loss should never have a tie.

If you have made a bet but the basketball match is canceled for any reason then your bets will be void and the bet amount will be promptly sent to the main account by the system.

If a basketball match has already started but due to a problem being suspended or canceled then the result of the match will still be considered valid if the match took place 43 minutes for the NBA tournament and 35 minutes for any basketball game.

For these matches bets are also considered valid if the result is the official organizers of the tournament. Otherwise, bets will be void and the funds will be transferred to the player’s account.

DraftKings To Get A New Hampshire Sports Betting Contract

It looks like DraftKings Sportsbook will be the only mobile sports betting operator in the state of New Hampshire – at least for now.

That’s according to the agenda for the state’s Governor and Executive Council meeting on Monday. The state has the option to award up to five mobile operator licenses.

DraftKings Sportsbook would also get the exclusive right to operate retail sportsbooks in the state. Intralot‘s lottery supply contract will be amended to offer sports betting through the lottery as well.

DraftKings’ contract would run through June 2026 with two optional two-year extensions. Intralot’s lottery contract expires in June 2025.

Is New Hampshire’s launch close?

There are several approvals that will be needed for both contracts before sports betting can be legally offered in New Hampshire. But those approvals could come quickly.

Gov. Chris Sununu told a local radio station last month that he would place a bet on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in his state before the NFL season ends.

If Sununu meant the regular season, which means sports betting should be live by Dec. 29, at the latest.

DraftKings Sportsbook also mentioned the company looked forward to providing sports fans in the Granite State as soon as possible with their best-in-class mobile and online sportsbook product as the proposal scores were announced.

Estimates provided to the Associated Press indicate mobile betting could launch in January with retail books open in late winter or early spring.

DraftKings scored best

The New Hampshire Lottery made its decisions based on scoring laid out in the request for the proposal launched in August. And DraftKings Sportsbook received the best scores for mobile and retail operations.

But there was still a question over whether other operators would also get a license. The scoring summary included bolded mobile results for Kambi and Roar Digital, the joint venture between MGM Resorts and GVC Holdings. Both were within 45 points of DraftKings’ 810 top score.

DraftKings said it would share 51% of sports betting revenue with the state if given exclusivity. That far outweighed the 20% Roar offered for exclusivity.

Roar also received a bolded score for its retail offer, coming just 35 points shy of DraftKings’ 790 scores. DraftKings will share 50% of sports betting revenue with the state from its retail operations.

Colorado & Kentucky On Their Way To Legalized Sports Betting

It goes without saying that 2020 is going to be a big year in politics. The Presidential race is going to dominate the headlines, but there will be a lot of gubernatorial elections, to go along with the usual turnover with senators and representatives. 2020 also profiles to be a huge year when it comes to legalized sports betting.

As we close the book on 2019 in the near future, there are 15 states that offer sports betting – Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico. Six additional states have passed legislation, but are not live just yet.

Not all of those states have mobile or online betting capabilities, but they all accept sports wagers in some capacity. Some states have multiple operators. Some states run through the lottery. New Mexico has exemptions for some of the tribes that own casinos within the state borders.

With the tremendous revenue stream that sports betting has been in just about all of these locales, bordering states or state that are looking for new ways to make money are going to have to get down to brass tacks and hammer out some legislation.

The 2019 election results were positive for a couple of states in particular. The state of Colorado had sports betting on the ballot and Prop DD won by a very narrow margin. Legalizing things is just kind of Colorado’s motif at this point in time, but it was quite a fight to get sports betting pushed through. Colorado has 33 casinos and they will be able to start offering sports betting in May 2020.

Colorado became the sixth state in 2019 to adopt legislation for legal wagering. The others are Montana, Illinois, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Along with those six states, Maine will go live with sports betting next year and so will the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The language in Prop DD had several important provisions. For starters, mobile betting is allowed under the proposal. Mobile apps are going to make it remarkably easy to make bets. Colorado is a large territory and most of the casinos are centralized in the Black Hawk area of the state, about an hour from Denver and two hours from Colorado Springs. Wildwood Casino is the closest to Colorado Springs.

Colorado restricts prop wagering on college sports, but you will be able to bet the generic sides, totals, and money lines. Everything else, with the exception of high school and esports, will be offered.

Prop DD outlined a 10% flat tax rate for the state on the revenue generated by the operators.

Colorado wasn’t the only winner on Election Night. In a roundabout way, Kentucky scored a big win in the fight for legalized sports betting. Despite its ultra-rich betting traditions at the horse track, Kentucky was moving slowly on sports wagering. Governor Matt Bevin’s loss to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear was a big win for the proponents of legalized sports betting in the Bluegrass State. Beshear spoke many times on the campaign trail about an expansion of gambling in the state that included sports betting.

Tennis betting – Tips you need to know (Part 2)

The figures speak only in part. You must focus on the real time of the player playing on the field. If Player A played two matches and won 1, he is at 50%. While if others have played 100 games and won 40 of them, he wants to be over 40%. It is more likely that Player B will continue to increase his 40% streak rather than let Player A stay a 50% streak. It could be reduced or increased, we didn’t know until he was playing more matches.

Learn Tennis matches

There are several ways to analyze a tennis match. You can do it while watching it, you can watch previous matches played on videos, or you can check the stats. Obviously the fastest way would be to analyze the statistics of the two players, but you might want to watch the game, it will give a bit of excitement.

Access tennis statistics

This is very simple. Simply fire up Google and type in ‘player A versus player B + statistics + tennis’. In rare cases you won’t be able to find a good website this way. There you will see an overview of the battle, simply click on the head-to-head link to see the top stats.

There are many ways to consider a tennis match. Obviously, the most complete is when the game starts, two players directly on the field and we focus on the two sides.

To take the other level analysis, it is possible to look at the singles to see if Tomas won a few sets before Novak lost the last one and won. Count everything, be creative.

Summarize it up

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when betting on sports is that there is never a 100% chance of winning (unless you are doing arbitraging, more on this later). Analysis can only take us so far to give us a (good) hunch of who will win the match.

7 effective football betting tips you may not know (Part 3)

6. Please “check prices” at many dealers before placing a bet

Did you know there is a difference in the odds that dealers make for the same match? The difference can be quite a lot. So, the secret of level # 6 is not to stick with just one dealer. Make a habit of referencing many bookmakers to see where there are the best odds for your bet.

For example, I intend to go to the door under Liverpool vs Crystal Palace this weekend. Same as Crystal Palace rafter +2 (accepted 2 left), but the rate of eating varies among bookies. All of these 3 dealers are reputable, but obviously with this bet, betting in Fun88 is the most profitable.

Please create an account at some reputable bookstores, which you can refer to below. This not only helps you compare the odds, but also makes use of the dealers’ promotions.

7. Record your betting history

A job that seems to take time but your habit of recording your bet codes is really helpful. It helps you understand how much you are throwing, and can help you change the way you bet.

Create a simple Excel table to record your bet codes. The things you should record are the selected bet, the price (the rate of money), the bet amount, the result of the bet, the interest earned (if any).

After a certain period, such as a week, a half month, etc., you should summarize your betting activity. Besides the profit / loss, you can also look at which bet codes are effective, which bet codes make you lose a lot. So that there is a necessary adjustment.

This can also be considered a betting secret to succeed in the long run.

Above are some tips to help you bet football more effectively. There will never be an unbeaten formula. Otherwise, the bookies will no longer exist and we are all billionaires. However, these tips will help you limit your risk and increase your probability of winning.

Online bookie and customer service (Part 2)

Why customer service is an important criteria for assessing the bookie?

Today, one of the most important factors in attracting and keeping customers is the quality of customer service. We all know that problems can arise, but we all expect them to be handled in the right and fastest way. Because Customer Service is so important to new players, bookmakers scoring high for this service also often make the list of best bookies for newbies.

With so many online bookmakers, customers will only be loyal to the good cause. They will not need to search any other bookmakers as everything they need has been settled here. Because of the competition out there, bookmakers need excellent customer service to keep customers and build trust. Therefore, the oldest brands around tend to create great customer service – so why do they continue to be at the top of the game for a long time. If your bookmaker offers good service, you might be able to trust it, which is an important part of the bookmaker relationship.

It is much more important than the price

Obviously looking at the bookmakers offers great bonuses and the best odds and prices are really very attractive. However, in reality, customer service is more important than other factors. When you deposit money into your gaming account, you need to know that it is guaranteed to be secure and you can only do this if you choose a bookie with the best service.

Reduce the arising problems

No matter how good a bookmaker is, the problem will arise. Technology can cause problems and even simple human errors. That is inevitable. No online bookmaker can be perfect at all times. However, if it is handled quickly and professionally, these issues will not escalate, which is important. If you know someone who will handle it for you without hassle, then those issues don’t seem to be really the problem anymore.

Because you are investing your money in this bookie and you have also provided a lot of information about your finances and personalities, it is absolutely important that you know that whenever you need to discuss. There is always someone to help you solve problems and guide you even for the simplest procedures.

NCAA pushing for federal sports betting legislation

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is searching for best approaches to the expanding legal sports betting market in the United States, focusing on Washington, where 2 prominent senators are taking up the cause.

According to ESPN, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) are in the early stages of cooperating on federal sports betting legislation, which is expected to be the same to the Sports Wagering Market Integrity Act introduced in December by Schumer and retired senator Orrin Hatch, but đin’t gain momentum. There is no brief timeline for the introduction for the bill of Schumer and Romney.

NCAA pushing for federal sports betting legislation

The NCAA would prefer a prohibition on collegiate sports betting be included in federal legislation. However, there are legal questions about any carve-out.

Since May 2018, when a landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, legal sportsbooks have started operating in 13 states. Some additional states have also passed sports betting legislation. No state has banned betting on collegiate sports, though New Jersey, for example, doesn’t allow betting on games that involve in-state colleges such as Rutgers and Seton Hall.

Ahead of the Supreme Court decision, the NCAA president Mark Emmert suggested a prohibition on wagering on collegiate sports be included in any federal legislation. However, Starks says that any such carve-out will likely be legally challenged unless all states were prohibited from taking wagers on college sports, including states that had already done so.

The bill that was introduced by Schumer and Hatch last year didn’t include a prohibition on wagering on collegiate sports.

Meanwhile, the NCAA has ramped up efforts for student-athletes and referees, now dealing with a new landscape, where a legal sportsbook might be operating just down the street from arenas and campuses. Student-athletes have received updated educational materials while referees were given access to an instructional video to deal with sports wagering issues. The NCAA has instituted enhanced background checks for officials, too.

It also has entered into a formal partnership with an international company in order to monitor the wagering markets both domestically and internationally, as well as an ad hoc committee on sports betting has been created by the NCAA governors.

Online bookie and customer service (Part 1)

In an ideal betting world, everything will go smoothly and customer service will be completely unnecessary. However, we do not live in that world, so you need to find a bookie with the best customer service. Occasionally a problem will arise, or you simply wonder that you cannot find the answer anywhere else.

How can you determine which bookmakers have the best customer service?

One of the main factors we have considered is the number of methods you can contact Customer Service. The more contact methods the better bookie is. If there is a bookie that you can contact via phone, live chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it will have a much higher ranking than the one only provides live chat or email. Those who offer phone options certainly score well because it’s important that everyone who has the option can talk to one person when needed.

Another aspect is the readiness of the Customer Service team. The best teams are available 24/7 in some way. There are many bookmakers offering 24-hour live chat but limited telephone service. The best websites also offer 24-hour phone lines, and customer service staff will be available to pick up immediately to assist you. Also, it’s better if there are local resellers who provide phone numbers for different areas to make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of money to contact them. We also take into account the quality of service we receive when the contact is made.

We have considered how long it takes to respond to customers through all forms of communication – do they respond to emails within hours or days? How long have they kept you waiting in a face-to-face conversation before an employee responded? How long did you have to try and call before you could connect? Then, once you are connected, how friendly, professional, and knowledgeable are the support staff? Even when contacting customer service quickly and easily, we need to make sure they can ensure that any problems you get are resolved quickly. Quality is everything.

7 effective football betting tips you may not know (Part 1)

Effective football betting is a popular query on Google, showing the concern of many people with this issue. In fact, when each football betting, we not only want to entertain but also expect to earn money from it.

But how to do that? How to bet effectively involves more than just knowing how to watch football and then placing a bet.

Right below we will reveal to you 7 effective football betting tips that if you apply you will win more betting.

1. Learn everything thoroughly

The team you intend to bet tonight has won in the last 6 matches in a row. That information is very impressive indeed. But not only that, you also have to understand how effective their attacks and defenses are. Do they have good balls or are they lucky? Even the chaos in the team.

2. A higher rating is not always won

This may seem obvious but sometimes we are blinded by the rate at which the house offers.

Let’s look at a typical example in tennis. It was Rafael Nadal’s match against Fabio Fognini in Barcelona last April. Bet365 ranked Nadal as a door on heavyweight, with a feeding rate of 1/10 (1.10 according to the decimal ratio). That means putting 10 to 1, 100 $ bet to get 10 $ profit.

On this surface, it seems reasonable. Nadal is a clay king and has a record of 8 times in the league. But the dealer ignored one thing: Fognini took Nadal down on the clay court just a few months ago in Rio De Janeiro. Considering this along with Fognini’s excellent top seeds, naturally his 8/1 (= 9.0 decimal) feeding rate becomes very attractive.

Eventually, Fognini defeated Nadal without losing a set. The same is true for football or other sports. There are times when you should consider going down the door if it is a reasonable and attractive investment. Instead of leaving a big lump of money just to eat a few small coins with illusions sure to win. To do that, of course, you have to use the # 1 secret. That is to grasp the situation.

Top 5 countries with the largest number of sports betting in the world

Some players often wonder about which countries have the largest number of people participating in online betting, so let’s discover 5 countries with the highest number of gambling players in the world.

5. Finland


In Finland, gambling is an exclusive industry run by three organizations Ray, Veikkaus Oy, and Fintoto Oy. The revenue here is used for social development purposes. RAY’s revenue is used by many health and social organizations, while Veikkaus Oy contributes to the development of art, sports, science, culture, and employment for young workers.

4. Canada


Although gambling in Canada is legal, each province has different rules. Poker, sports betting and skill games are most popular among Canadians. Recently, the government has asked casinos to tighten policies and draft regulations for online casinos.

3. Ireland


There are many casinos banned in Ireland, but the legal gaps have helped organizations gamble so the industry still grows very well. Ireland is a country famous for sports betting. PaddyPower is the number one dealer in this country. It is also one of the leading online and online betting companies, which are still successful around the world.

2. Singapore


Since 2005, Singapore has officially legalized football betting, in 2010, two large casinos at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa were born. These casinos are built to attract more visitors. Guests coming here will get free entry, Singaporeans will be charged 100 USD.

However, this measure is not really effective when the average amount of money lost by players in this country is $ 1,174 per person per year. In December 2013, the Singapore government officially announced that he intended to limit gambling online and on mobile devices.

1. Australia


Finally, the country with the most people participating in betting is the home of the Kangaroos – Australia. With a thriving economy, 80% of adults living in Australia often play at least one type of gambling. This has made Australia the largest gambling player in the world. Silver won in this country does not pay tax but the gambling organizers are heavily taxed.