2019 Best FIFA Football Awards: General Info

A reproduction of the cup for the FIFA best football player award is displayed during a press conference held at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy, on Monday, Sept. 2, 2019. Five-time winners Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Virgil van Dijk are the 3 finalists for the FIFA best male player award while the United States forward Megan Rapinoe is the favorite for the female player award. The ceremony will take place at the La Scala theatre in Milan on Sep.23.

Liverpool center-back Virgil van Dijk will be the favorite, in spite of the presence of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi finds himself nominated in 2 categories, with his superb chip for Barcelona FC against Real Betis back in March a contender for the Ferenc Puskas Award that was given to the best goal scored during the year.

Date: Monday, September 23rd

Time: 7:30 p.m. BST/2:30 p.m. ET

TV Info: Sky Sports Main Event

Live Stream: FIFA Facebook, FIFA YouTube, Sky Go.

Here’s a look at the nominees, according to the FIFA official website:

The Best FIFA Men’s Player:

1. Lionel Messi, Argentina/Barcelona

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal/Juventus

3. Virgil van Dijk, Netherlands/Liverpool

The Best FIFA Women’s Player:

1. Megan Rapinoe, USA/Reign FC

2. Lucy Bronze, England/Olympique Lyonnais Feminin

3. Alex Morgan, USA/Orlando Pride

The Best FIFA Men’s Coach:

1. Pep Guardiola, Spain/Manchester City

2. Mauricio Pochettino, Argentina/Tottenham Hotspur

3. Jurgen Klopp, Germany/Liverpool

The Best FIFA Women’s Coach:

1. Sarina Wiegman, Netherlands

2. Phil Neville, England national team

3. Jill Ellis, USA national team

The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper:

1. Ederson, Brazil/Manchester City

2. Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Germany/Barcelona

3. Alisson Becker, Brazil/Liverpool

The Best FIFA Women’s Goalkeeper

1. Hedvig Lindahl, Sweden/Chelsea/VfL Wolfsburg

2. Sari van Veenendaal, Netherlands/Arsenal/Atlético Madrid

3. Christiane Endler, Chile/Paris Saint-Germain

FIFA Puskas Award:

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina): Real Betis v. FC Barcelona (17 March 2019)

2. Daniel Zsori (Hungary): Debrecen FC v Ferencvaros TC (16 February 2019)

3. Juan Fernando Quintero (Colombia): River Plate v. Racing Club (10 February 2019).


Israel Folau could lose his American football job after saying ‘hell awaits’ gay people

Israel Folau, one of the top American football players in Australia and the world, could lose his job because of the controversial statements he made to the LGBT community on social media.

Folau, a member of the Council of God and a outspoken religious supporter, posted a photo on Instagram last week saying that “hell waits” for people “living in sin”, including gays, drunks and liars.

“Those who are living in Sin will end up in Hell unless you repent,” he wrote in the caption next to the image. “Jesus Christ loves you and is giving you time to turn your back on your sin and come to Him.”

Shortly after the post was published, American football Australia and the NSW American football League announced plans to terminate their Folau contract.

The two sports bodies wrote in a Joint Statement on Thursday: “As a rule, we have explicitly stated to Israel formally and consistently that any post or comment in communal media. which society does not respect people because their sexuality will lead to disciplinary action. “

“In the absence of mandatory mitigation factors, it is our intention to terminate his contract.”

Folau met American football leaders on Friday afternoon, but American football Australia and the NSW American football League announced that their position remained “unchanged.”

Israel Folau during a Wallabies training session at Cbus Super Stadium on September 10, 2018 on Gold Coast, Australia.

On Wednesday, NSW Waratahs announced that Folau had responded to the infringement notice issued by American football Australia regarding his social media posts and requested a hearing.

“Israel made an official response today to request a Code of Conduct hearing, in case, not an unexpected result. We will now work to confirm the date of the hearing.” as soon as possible, “CEO of American football Australia, Raelene Castle, said on Wednesday. “After the date of the confirmed hearing American football Australia and the NSW American football League will not comment further on this matter until the Code of Conduct process is over.”

American football Australia said it will arrange with the American football Association (RUPA), an organization that supports professional American football players in Australia, to hold hearings.

Vettel won the Grand Prix Singapore (Part 1)

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel won the F1 stage for the first time in 2019, finishing first on the Marina Bay race on the evening of September 22.

Vettel achieved an hour 58 minutes 33.666 seconds, faster than runner-up – teammate Charles Leclerc – 2,641 seconds. It has been 392 days since the last time Vettel took to the top of the podium – at the Belgian race 2018. Third place in the Singapore GP belongs to Max Verstappen with 3,821 seconds behind Vettel. Mercedes drivers – Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas – ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

For the first time in Singapore GP history, two riders of a team share the first two positions. On the eve of Southeast Asia race, few people thought that Ferrari could compete with Mercedes or Red Bull. Even after the first test day on September 20, Ferrari was inferior to the two rivals. But, the Italian team has changed from the qualifying round.

Vettel tried to beat Hamilton after starting. At one point, the two cars were on equal footing, but Hamilton had the advantage of being in the inside lane, turning faster. If the first six positions are unchanged after starting, the following positions are unexpected. Carlos Sainz (McLaren) collides with Nico Hulkenberg (Renault). Both had to enter the pit immediately, in which Sainz’s rear tire was badly damaged. The Spanish rider takes up to 70 seconds in the pit.

The mutation originated when Vettel and Verstappen first entered the pit in the 20th round. Leclerc also entered the pit one round later but after leaving the pit, he was behind his teammate.

Mercedes suggested Hamilton do not need to immediately pit, just in case a safe car appears to help British drivers change tires without fear of being left by rivals. But, Hamilton’s soft tires reached the limit that the safety car had yet to appear, leaving him in the pit in round 26.

7 effective football betting tips you may not know (Part 3)

6. Please “check prices” at many dealers before placing a bet

Did you know there is a difference in the odds that dealers make for the same match? The difference can be quite a lot. So, the secret of level # 6 is not to stick with just one dealer. Make a habit of referencing many bookmakers to see where there are the best odds for your bet.

For example, I intend to go to the door under Liverpool vs Crystal Palace this weekend. Same as Crystal Palace rafter +2 (accepted 2 left), but the rate of eating varies among bookies. All of these 3 dealers are reputable, but obviously with this bet, betting in Fun88 is the most profitable.

Please create an account at some reputable bookstores, which you can refer to below. This not only helps you compare the odds, but also makes use of the dealers’ promotions.

7. Record your betting history

A job that seems to take time but your habit of recording your bet codes is really helpful. It helps you understand how much you are throwing, and can help you change the way you bet.

Create a simple Excel table to record your bet codes. The things you should record are the selected bet, the price (the rate of money), the bet amount, the result of the bet, the interest earned (if any).

After a certain period, such as a week, a half month, etc., you should summarize your betting activity. Besides the profit / loss, you can also look at which bet codes are effective, which bet codes make you lose a lot. So that there is a necessary adjustment.

This can also be considered a betting secret to succeed in the long run.

Above are some tips to help you bet football more effectively. There will never be an unbeaten formula. Otherwise, the bookies will no longer exist and we are all billionaires. However, these tips will help you limit your risk and increase your probability of winning.

Online bookie and customer service (Part 2)

Why customer service is an important criteria for assessing the bookie?

Today, one of the most important factors in attracting and keeping customers is the quality of customer service. We all know that problems can arise, but we all expect them to be handled in the right and fastest way. Because Customer Service is so important to new players, bookmakers scoring high for this service also often make the list of best bookies for newbies.

With so many online bookmakers, customers will only be loyal to the good cause. They will not need to search any other bookmakers as everything they need has been settled here. Because of the competition out there, bookmakers need excellent customer service to keep customers and build trust. Therefore, the oldest brands around tend to create great customer service – so why do they continue to be at the top of the game for a long time. If your bookmaker offers good service, you might be able to trust it, which is an important part of the bookmaker relationship.

It is much more important than the price

Obviously looking at the bookmakers offers great bonuses and the best odds and prices are really very attractive. However, in reality, customer service is more important than other factors. When you deposit money into your gaming account, you need to know that it is guaranteed to be secure and you can only do this if you choose a bookie with the best service.

Reduce the arising problems

No matter how good a bookmaker is, the problem will arise. Technology can cause problems and even simple human errors. That is inevitable. No online bookmaker can be perfect at all times. However, if it is handled quickly and professionally, these issues will not escalate, which is important. If you know someone who will handle it for you without hassle, then those issues don’t seem to be really the problem anymore.

Because you are investing your money in this bookie and you have also provided a lot of information about your finances and personalities, it is absolutely important that you know that whenever you need to discuss. There is always someone to help you solve problems and guide you even for the simplest procedures.

NCAA pushing for federal sports betting legislation

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is searching for best approaches to the expanding legal sports betting market in the United States, focusing on Washington, where 2 prominent senators are taking up the cause.

According to ESPN, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) are in the early stages of cooperating on federal sports betting legislation, which is expected to be the same to the Sports Wagering Market Integrity Act introduced in December by Schumer and retired senator Orrin Hatch, but đin’t gain momentum. There is no brief timeline for the introduction for the bill of Schumer and Romney.

NCAA pushing for federal sports betting legislation

The NCAA would prefer a prohibition on collegiate sports betting be included in federal legislation. However, there are legal questions about any carve-out.

Since May 2018, when a landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, legal sportsbooks have started operating in 13 states. Some additional states have also passed sports betting legislation. No state has banned betting on collegiate sports, though New Jersey, for example, doesn’t allow betting on games that involve in-state colleges such as Rutgers and Seton Hall.

Ahead of the Supreme Court decision, the NCAA president Mark Emmert suggested a prohibition on wagering on collegiate sports be included in any federal legislation. However, Starks says that any such carve-out will likely be legally challenged unless all states were prohibited from taking wagers on college sports, including states that had already done so.

The bill that was introduced by Schumer and Hatch last year didn’t include a prohibition on wagering on collegiate sports.

Meanwhile, the NCAA has ramped up efforts for student-athletes and referees, now dealing with a new landscape, where a legal sportsbook might be operating just down the street from arenas and campuses. Student-athletes have received updated educational materials while referees were given access to an instructional video to deal with sports wagering issues. The NCAA has instituted enhanced background checks for officials, too.

It also has entered into a formal partnership with an international company in order to monitor the wagering markets both domestically and internationally, as well as an ad hoc committee on sports betting has been created by the NCAA governors.

Online bookie and customer service (Part 1)

In an ideal betting world, everything will go smoothly and customer service will be completely unnecessary. However, we do not live in that world, so you need to find a bookie with the best customer service. Occasionally a problem will arise, or you simply wonder that you cannot find the answer anywhere else.

How can you determine which bookmakers have the best customer service?

One of the main factors we have considered is the number of methods you can contact Customer Service. The more contact methods the better bookie is. If there is a bookie that you can contact via phone, live chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it will have a much higher ranking than the one only provides live chat or email. Those who offer phone options certainly score well because it’s important that everyone who has the option can talk to one person when needed.

Another aspect is the readiness of the Customer Service team. The best teams are available 24/7 in some way. There are many bookmakers offering 24-hour live chat but limited telephone service. The best websites also offer 24-hour phone lines, and customer service staff will be available to pick up immediately to assist you. Also, it’s better if there are local resellers who provide phone numbers for different areas to make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of money to contact them. We also take into account the quality of service we receive when the contact is made.

We have considered how long it takes to respond to customers through all forms of communication – do they respond to emails within hours or days? How long have they kept you waiting in a face-to-face conversation before an employee responded? How long did you have to try and call before you could connect? Then, once you are connected, how friendly, professional, and knowledgeable are the support staff? Even when contacting customer service quickly and easily, we need to make sure they can ensure that any problems you get are resolved quickly. Quality is everything.

7 effective football betting tips you may not know (Part 2)

3. The less you choose, the better

This is not a formidable trick. It is easy to understand, but the hobbyists always forget. The less you bet on the fewer choices, the higher your chances of winning and vice versa! If you bet to make money, think small, don’t take part. A team or a choice is enough, at least 3 or 4.

Although the parlay is very attractive. But do you know that each option is added to your Bet Slip, your chances of losing are much higher? Maybe you guessed it all but just one wrong choice, you lost everything. The dealer loves this.

Finally, we inform you that most losers are from single bets.

4. Don’t follow the crowd

Some matches range from journalism to forums, from sidewalk public opinion to professionals, that a certain party definitely wins. That is the dangerous game, not as fat as you think.

Everyone says they will win unknowingly will create a huge pressure. Not to mention there may be arrangements, degrees, etc. when money poured into one door.

It is best either avoided or given up a bit of money against the crowd. Lose less and win a lot. It may be a secret of football betting that you will be amazed.

5. Don’t bet on your heart

Maybe you really want your team to win. You expect it so much that you start convincing yourself that it will come. And then you bet on that belief.

Bet just because it’s my favorite team is a mistake. Affection and money should not be confused with each other! Place your rational bet with the information you thoroughly understand about the match. Do not let your fan base bring failure to you!

Remember to bet only what you can lose. Never pursue money that has gone and when the fun with betting is no longer the tension, stop!

Man City – the brightest candidate for the Premier League champion (Part 4)

Benitez neutralized the midfield space to force Man City to play wide, ensuring there were not too many gaps between defense and second line, and kept Guardiola’s players as far away from Newcastle as possible.

Claude Puel, who helped Leicester defeat Man City in the Premier League and drew them to the League Cup, has another priority. “You have to accept you don’t have the ball,” he said. “The first touch, the first pass after you regain the game, is very important. It has to be on the front line.”

Puel’s squad in the last two City games was not entirely the players who only chased and intercepted. He picked out people with good technical qualities to play “safely” under the terrifying pressure of City. Puel told the students not to risk losing the ball with long passes or lucky kicks, because those things only made them “suffer another attack.”

Instead, Puel said, he asked Leicester to play “two, three, four passes, one or two touches, fast and quality, to open up space,” in order to break the pressure from the City. It was not his favorite game. “I’m not interested in matches like that,” Puel said. “But adaptation, here, is the key to survival.”

This season, Man City promises to be even more perfect, because Guardiola is constantly looking for perfection. They will become a formidable opponent more than last year. Benítez and Puel colleagues will have to find a way to follow them.

Pochettino also with Tottenham eliminated Man City from the Champions League last season, in a crazy game in the second leg. But Pochettino also understands: defeating Guardiola in the Champions League and in the Premier League are two completely different things. He will have a headache before a rematch with Pep. There is so much to do, including … burning candles!

Novak Djokovic reveals he was close to US Open retirement after injury

The Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic faces an anxious wait to decide whether he will be able to play his US Open third-round match on Friday after having to struggle with a shoulder injury pain.

Novak Djokovic says he will have to undergo treatment with medical experts, hoping to be fit in time for his third-round match on Friday after his shoulder problems in his match with Juan Ignacio Londero.

Novak Djokovic undergo treatment with medical experts

Early in the first set of the match, the world No 1 was spotted wincing in pain after hitting 2 backhands and called for the tournament trainer.

He took a medical time out, receiving a massage to his upper left arm.

And as he resumed playing, the speed on his groundstrokes and serves noticeably dropped. However, he was still able to win the first set 6-4.

Then Djokovic had further treatment before starting the second set and found himself a double break down to Londero before leading 5-3.

Despite being broken as serving for the set, Djokovic won it in a tiebreak and raced through the third set in order to seal his place in the next round.

Although he was reluctant to talk about the shoulder injury during his on-court interview, he was more forthcoming in his press conference and gave a worrying assessment as claiming that he wasn’t sure whether he would be able to finish the match when the injury pain was at its worst.         

Djokovic told reporters that he had to take time to address the injury that he had.

“It has caused hindrance to my match for sure tonight, particularly with the serve and backhand. It’s not easy to play with this sensation, to be honest. I didn’t experience that many times in my career.”, he said.

“I was lucky to find my way back in the second set and win in the straight sets. I had obviously a medical timeout, you saw. And at the changeovers, I tried to use within the rules as much as possible for physiotherapy and medical help. That has definitely helped me stay in the match.”

He then confessed that the problem has hindered him for at least two weeks with increasing levels of pain. However, he hoped that with proper medical help and treatments, he would be able to get better in a few days.