Win the most consecutive marathon

Because South Africa was isolated during apartheid, little was known about Frith van der Merwe. She was famous for a record 5 hours 54 minutes 30 seconds at 1989 Comrades, a 55-mile (over 88-kilometer) run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg.

According to the Association of Road Race Stats, Frith van der Merwe is the champion of the most marathon consecutive. From April 17, 1994 to May 11, 2003, she won 30 marathons in her home town of South Africa, best performance 2 hours 46 minutes 55 seconds, the lowest is 3 hours 14 minutes 6 seconds.

Attended Boston Marathon for many consecutive years. When Ben Beach heard about the Boston Marathon on radio in 1967, the 17-year-old felt it was an interesting event. Beach decided to sign up for the tournament next year despite not knowing how to train.

Beach was immediately drawn to this run. By 2019, he has participated in the Boston Marathon 52 years in a row. Age and a neurological disorder affecting gait makes Beach increasingly difficult to exercise. However, he still completed the marathon this year with a record of 6 hours 5 minutes 35 seconds.

Won multiple gold runs for 100 meters, 200 meters in a row. Usain Bolt is one of the best athletes in the world jogging village. Bolt’s personal accomplishments keep people from noticing that he also holds a string record.

The track record of 200 meters Usain Bolt was officially broken after 6 years 

American athletes make the record set by Usain Bolt 6 years ago has become a thing of the past.

Usain Bolt, who has set a number of speed records on his retired track, will now have to see his opponents break his records one by one. Recently, the record on the 200m run of the “Lightning” Jamaica in the Diamond League was overturned by Noah Lyles, 22-year-old American runner.

In 2013, Bolt completed the distance of 200m in 19 seconds 73 and became the fastest runner in the Diamond League, but that title belonged to Noah, this athlete only needed 19 seconds 65 to complete the distance.

Of course this is only the record for the tournament just ended in the US over the weekend, and the 200m world record still belongs to Bolt with a record of 19 seconds 19 set by “Lightning” in the world championship. 2009. In the 100m content, the achievement of 9 seconds 58 of the Jamaican legend has not been broken.