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The great experiences to easily win in football betting (Part 3)

Players will not have to worry about anything; wondering whether football betting online is really safe or falling into the situation of being cheated when not selected properly House address online.

Everything is simple and easy; if we take the time to learn thoroughly and wisely make decisions. In fact, there have been many instances of players being scammed; “Disability money” when not paying attention to this.

Plan and be more patient when betting

Not everyone who gambles wins, there are regular players but still don’t understand why football betting always loses. The main causes are psychologically impatient, too confident, eager to remove gauze, want to solve always in a match. Even losing because of greed, how much football 1 bet is not enough.

Players need to understand that whatever the industry is, there are certain risks that cannot be avoided. The higher the profits, the greater the probability of bad luck.

Therefore, to have a way of betting football always wins, you plan yourself when placing a bet. Especially setting a betting limit, do not place bets continuously but only when you have a good chance.

In each specific stage, you divide the capital in proportion to it and know the stops when there is profit, win enough money and stop playing when losing to a limited level. If you do not know the limit, not only will you not be able to undo the money you spent, but you will also have nothing.

Besides, you also need to practice patience and perseverance in all situations when playing. This is also one of the rules of football betting should not be ignored, deciding greatly on the success or failure of the player.

Most of us often suffer from the psychology of fast, big wins, impatient, which can lead to losing control of ourselves. The calm, patient waiting will help you maintain a stable investment.


Above is some experience playing football betting is considered the “golden” secret is not easy for the players to disclose. Hopefully the brothers will hone their skills, master each method to make the most accurate ratio prediction.

The popular way to bet basketball nowadays (Part 2)


If the handicap is selected, then the player must bet before the basketball match will take place. Until the game starts, the player cannot change the bet. In this case, this bet is quite difficult, so players need to carefully analyze the situation, ability, tactics of both teams.

Over/under bets (Over/Under)

Similar to football betting, the player will add up the total result and compare it with the house that the bookmaker offers. If the pot is bigger than the house bet, the smaller is the blind.

First half, 2nd half bets

Basketball usually has 2 rounds and each round has 2 rounds. With this method, players can choose between 1st and 2nd half bets. The result will be the sum of both lightning strokes in a half. If for any reason the match is abandoned then the bet will not be accepted and refunded to the player.

Handicap parlay

Betting in basketball is similar to betting in football. Accordingly, the player has the right to bet on many different basketball matches that form a single skewer. This way of playing does not limit the number of selections, but only one loser, the player will lose. It can be seen that this bet is quite difficult, so it requires players to have experience and flexible judgment.

Live betting

With this bet the player will rely on the results of live basketball matches to determine the winner. Accordingly, players can completely choose ways such as live handicap, over and under parlay.

Basketball betting tips at the house W88

To win at any game depends on many factors such as rules, the way of playing or the experience of playing. Without a factor, you cannot win. If you already know the rules and how to play basketball betting, let’s find out mom betting basketball below. Applying these tips flexibly can bring victory to everyone.

Always learning more knowledge

Knowledge is infinite and learning is never enough. If possible, you should take advantage of learning a lot of knowledge as well as tips of the masters to win. In addition, you also need to understand the basic knowledge such as rules and rafters to bring yourself closer to victory.

Complete guide and tips about basketball betting (Part 2)

Each basketball match will be divided into 2 rounds of 4 rounds. The result for the first half will be the sum of the results for the first and second quarters.

Overtime or extra time are calculated separately and do not count towards the results of the 4th inning.

If live basketball betting is selected, the results will be displayed until the end of the match only. But if the handicap is selected then the result will always be displayed from the beginning until the end of the match

If you choose to bet on the team that scores first and you win then you will be paid by the dealer and sent to your account. If, for any reason, the first match is suspended or abandoned but the first team has scored, then bets are still valid and the player is still counted as the winning amount.

If the last team to score is selected then the result will be settled for the last team to score the match. If a match is abandoned mid-game then the results of the match will be void and the stakes returned to the player’s account.

In case the player chooses special bets such as the score, number of times the ball has turned on the table, the number of assists, the number of free throws, the number of free throws 3 points then it will be valid if both teams If a player does not participate at the same time, the result will be void and the stake will be refunded.

The result of both special betting session will include overtime and extra time and the result will be recorded until the end of the match. Any statistics changed after the organizer announced the result will be invalid

The stadium of the home team and the away team is played by the house for reference only for players to make a better decision.

If the winning session is selected more than once then it will be settled on the best bet. If the result is a tie, the player loses 50% of the bet. Overtime will not count for this bet. If a match is suspended or abandoned then all bets on that player will be void and refunded.

Tennis betting – Tips you need to know (Part 2)

The figures speak only in part. You must focus on the real time of the player playing on the field. If Player A played two matches and won 1, he is at 50%. While if others have played 100 games and won 40 of them, he wants to be over 40%. It is more likely that Player B will continue to increase his 40% streak rather than let Player A stay a 50% streak. It could be reduced or increased, we didn’t know until he was playing more matches.

Learn Tennis matches

There are several ways to analyze a tennis match. You can do it while watching it, you can watch previous matches played on videos, or you can check the stats. Obviously the fastest way would be to analyze the statistics of the two players, but you might want to watch the game, it will give a bit of excitement.

Access tennis statistics

This is very simple. Simply fire up Google and type in ‘player A versus player B + statistics + tennis’. In rare cases you won’t be able to find a good website this way. There you will see an overview of the battle, simply click on the head-to-head link to see the top stats.

There are many ways to consider a tennis match. Obviously, the most complete is when the game starts, two players directly on the field and we focus on the two sides.

To take the other level analysis, it is possible to look at the singles to see if Tomas won a few sets before Novak lost the last one and won. Count everything, be creative.

Summarize it up

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when betting on sports is that there is never a 100% chance of winning (unless you are doing arbitraging, more on this later). Analysis can only take us so far to give us a (good) hunch of who will win the match.

Tennis betting – Tips you need to know (Part 1)

Sports betting can certainly be profitable. This is proved by betting experts. I hear the allocation of the requester every single day if it can make sports betting life. The truth is; that is. In fact the allocation to people currently making a large amount of money, simply by betting on online sports.

What sports to bet on?

Tennis is a single sport and tennis bets we can control. Playing football betting – this topic is always on top, but not when it comes to tennis. When betting on tennis, you already have only two good results. Simple math says that you had a 50% chance of winning (bet randomly).

50%? That was a good start

Exactly! This is why we are going to be analyzing the previous matches and combining the data with a few ball betting tips – we have immediately increased our chances of winning significantly.

Before we get into exactly how we are analyzing a match, let’s take a look at some tennis betting tips.

Tip 1. Don’t pay too much attention to the odds. Obviously, if someone has a 1.03 odds and a odds of 6.0, they are better off allocating the most likely that the player will win. They are most likely right. However, to be successfully bet on these types of odds you will need a well built system.

Tip 2. Analyzing tennis is much easier than other team sports (there are pairs of course, but stay away from these unless you know what you’re doing). When analyzing, try to use a head-to-head overview. This allows you to allocate that data easily for management.

Tip 3. Some experts claim that matches in the women’s league are more difficult to analyze. This is not true. You already have access to the same data and it is just easy to read.

7 effective football betting tips you may not know (Part 2)

3. The less you choose, the better

This is not a formidable trick. It is easy to understand, but the hobbyists always forget. The less you bet on the fewer choices, the higher your chances of winning and vice versa! If you bet to make money, think small, don’t take part. A team or a choice is enough, at least 3 or 4.

Although the parlay is very attractive. But do you know that each option is added to your Bet Slip, your chances of losing are much higher? Maybe you guessed it all but just one wrong choice, you lost everything. The dealer loves this.

Finally, we inform you that most losers are from single bets.

4. Don’t follow the crowd

Some matches range from journalism to forums, from sidewalk public opinion to professionals, that a certain party definitely wins. That is the dangerous game, not as fat as you think.

Everyone says they will win unknowingly will create a huge pressure. Not to mention there may be arrangements, degrees, etc. when money poured into one door.

It is best either avoided or given up a bit of money against the crowd. Lose less and win a lot. It may be a secret of football betting that you will be amazed.

5. Don’t bet on your heart

Maybe you really want your team to win. You expect it so much that you start convincing yourself that it will come. And then you bet on that belief.

Bet just because it’s my favorite team is a mistake. Affection and money should not be confused with each other! Place your rational bet with the information you thoroughly understand about the match. Do not let your fan base bring failure to you!

Remember to bet only what you can lose. Never pursue money that has gone and when the fun with betting is no longer the tension, stop!

7 effective football betting tips you may not know (Part 1)

Effective football betting is a popular query on Google, showing the concern of many people with this issue. In fact, when each football betting, we not only want to entertain but also expect to earn money from it.

But how to do that? How to bet effectively involves more than just knowing how to watch football and then placing a bet.

Right below we will reveal to you 7 effective football betting tips that if you apply you will win more betting.

1. Learn everything thoroughly

The team you intend to bet tonight has won in the last 6 matches in a row. That information is very impressive indeed. But not only that, you also have to understand how effective their attacks and defenses are. Do they have good balls or are they lucky? Even the chaos in the team.

2. A higher rating is not always won

This may seem obvious but sometimes we are blinded by the rate at which the house offers.

Let’s look at a typical example in tennis. It was Rafael Nadal’s match against Fabio Fognini in Barcelona last April. Bet365 ranked Nadal as a door on heavyweight, with a feeding rate of 1/10 (1.10 according to the decimal ratio). That means putting 10 to 1, 100 $ bet to get 10 $ profit.

On this surface, it seems reasonable. Nadal is a clay king and has a record of 8 times in the league. But the dealer ignored one thing: Fognini took Nadal down on the clay court just a few months ago in Rio De Janeiro. Considering this along with Fognini’s excellent top seeds, naturally his 8/1 (= 9.0 decimal) feeding rate becomes very attractive.

Eventually, Fognini defeated Nadal without losing a set. The same is true for football or other sports. There are times when you should consider going down the door if it is a reasonable and attractive investment. Instead of leaving a big lump of money just to eat a few small coins with illusions sure to win. To do that, of course, you have to use the # 1 secret. That is to grasp the situation.

Top 5 countries with the largest number of sports betting in the world

Some players often wonder about which countries have the largest number of people participating in online betting, so let’s discover 5 countries with the highest number of gambling players in the world.

5. Finland


In Finland, gambling is an exclusive industry run by three organizations Ray, Veikkaus Oy, and Fintoto Oy. The revenue here is used for social development purposes. RAY’s revenue is used by many health and social organizations, while Veikkaus Oy contributes to the development of art, sports, science, culture, and employment for young workers.

4. Canada


Although gambling in Canada is legal, each province has different rules. Poker, sports betting and skill games are most popular among Canadians. Recently, the government has asked casinos to tighten policies and draft regulations for online casinos.

3. Ireland


There are many casinos banned in Ireland, but the legal gaps have helped organizations gamble so the industry still grows very well. Ireland is a country famous for sports betting. PaddyPower is the number one dealer in this country. It is also one of the leading online and online betting companies, which are still successful around the world.

2. Singapore


Since 2005, Singapore has officially legalized football betting, in 2010, two large casinos at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa were born. These casinos are built to attract more visitors. Guests coming here will get free entry, Singaporeans will be charged 100 USD.

However, this measure is not really effective when the average amount of money lost by players in this country is $ 1,174 per person per year. In December 2013, the Singapore government officially announced that he intended to limit gambling online and on mobile devices.

1. Australia


Finally, the country with the most people participating in betting is the home of the Kangaroos – Australia. With a thriving economy, 80% of adults living in Australia often play at least one type of gambling. This has made Australia the largest gambling player in the world. Silver won in this country does not pay tax but the gambling organizers are heavily taxed.