Badminton – one of the sports with the largest number of players in the world, because it is not picky about the sport to play. Badminton’s origins date back to the mid-18th century in the former British colony of British India, created by a British army officer. This game became popular at the British garrison in the town of Poona.

The game was brought back to England by a retired officer, where it was developed and the rules of the game were developed. There are also many other origins but there is no exact confirmation about its history.

The World Badminton Federation was originally the International Badminton Association founded in 1934 with 9 founding members. Up to now, the World Badminton Federation has 141 members. That’s controlling all badminton activities in the world and organizing international tournaments.

At the 1972 and 1988 Olympics, badminton was just a show sport. But at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona-Spain, badminton officially became a competitive sport.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, badminton has one more content to compete, the men’s and women’s doubles. Since then, badminton has 5 events and is applicable to all tournaments, not just Olympic.

If only racquet or club sports are counted alone, badminton is the fastest speed sport. If you take into account the general sports, badminton is the second fastest speed sport after shooting.

According to records, the legendary Malaysian tennis player – Lee Chong Wei had a smash of up to 456 km for hour in 2010. However, this record was broken three years later, male doubles player Tan Boo Heong. Malaysia has hit the bridge up to 493 km for hour. Guinness record recognizes this as the fastest smash in badminton history.

The World Men’s Badminton Championships, otherwise known as the Thomas Cup. The Thomas Cup was donated by the first President of Badminton Federation – Duke Thomas in 1939.

Previously, the tournament was allowed to be held once every 3 years, now it is changed to be held every 2 years. The content includes 3-match singles and 2-match double.