The most exciting title race in years of Premier League has attracted some record-breaking television audiences all over the world, Sportsmail reveals.

While clubs such as Juventus are pushing for the formation of a European Super League in order to weaken the domestic leagues, the latest figures show that the appeal of English football has been greater than ever before.

The full season’s international figures are not yet in with the final weekend of fixtures to go; however, they are tracking a lot higher and in some territories around the world, the Premier League has achieved its highest audience for an individual match.

Interestingly, that appeal is not only limited to any single marquee fixture such as Liverpool versus Manchester United.

In India, it was that match, but in Brazil, it was Chelsea versus City, while in Canada, the Netherlands, and Denmark, it was Manchester City against Liverpool. It was United versus Huddersfield in Norway while Tottenham’s encounter with Wolves has attracted a record audience in South Korea.

Although live TV viewing figures have not reached record levels in the UK, there has been a notable 9% uplift on last season with about 70% of the total population watching Premier League across BT Sport, Sky, or the BBC’s Match of the Day.

With the fact that traditional TV viewing is in decline, Premier League finds this hugely encouraging.

Sky has had 16 matches with more than 2million audience this season, that is more than the past two seasons combined.

Richard Masters, the Interim Premier League chief executive, said that they always hoped the race for the title continued right up till the final day and Liverpool and Manchester City had delivered on that in some style.

Moreover, the Premier League claim that tickets sold is tracking at 95%, while their efforts have also played a part in the increasing of TV viewing. They have successfully blocked up to 175,000 illegal streams in the UK this season.