E-Sports has been growing very strong in the last 10 years and has become a billion-dollar industry, attracting millions of players and viewers around the world with top leagues. High bonuses of up to hundreds of billions of VND such as Dota 2’s The International tournament is held every year with a reward of up to 30 million USD.

The attraction of e-sports is growing so you will not be surprised to see that Esports betting is becoming more and more popular.

And the top sports betting houses pay attention and put on the list of betting categories. And if you’re an Esports fan and a betting lover, this is your chance to make money with your hobby.

What is e-sports?

Since the video game industry has developed for nearly two decades, with networking capabilities, players can interact with each other over LANs and the Internet like Starcraft, Warcraft, Age of Empires, etc. gave birth to a need to play to see who was the best in a game. And the tournament gradually came up to create the concept of electronic sports.

If regular sports include soccer, track and field, tennis, swimming, etc. then e-sports focus on the most popular games, such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, DotA 2, …

In addition to bonuses, gamers also have salaries from organizations. Organizations that may be specialized in gaming such as TSM, Fnatic, Cloud9 or maybe a famous brand such as Razer, Samsung, SKT, Roccat.

Gamers sell more products or add logos on the players’ uniforms and on all promotional channels such as YouTube, Facebook, etc… and they extract part of that money which pay for their team members.

A gaming can have many players and teams competing in many games such as TSM, Gamers2, Fnatic, SKT but there are also teams that specialize in only one game.

E-sports have taken a leap like today, thanks in part to online television (Twitch or YouTube).