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Ronaldo jumped up to 2m56 when he headed a score

Cristiano Ronaldo leaps half a body above the Sampdoria defender, to score the winner for Juventus in Seria A on December 18.

45 minutes, Alex Sandro cross from the left wing towards the far post of Sampdoria. The ball went so high that the home defender decided not to bounce. But Cristiano Ronaldo still rushed into the 5m50 area, jumped so high that his knee was almost equal to the opponent’s, then definitely increased the score to 2-1.

“The Portuguese superstar showed off his super sports ability. He jumped as high as 2m56, stopped in the air for 1.5 seconds, before scoring the winning match,” Sports Mail (UK) described.

Ronaldo jumped up to 2m56 high when he headed home to score

After the match, coach Maurizio Sarri constantly praised Ronaldo: “I have nothing to say about that goal of Ronaldo. I can not believe it is so beautiful. I had to swear off the border.”

Meanwhile, coach Sampdoria, Claudio Ranieri also expressed admiration: “Ronaldo did what we often see in the American Professional Basketball (NBA). He seemed to stop in the air for an hour and a half. Admiring that goal, you can say nothing but congratulating Ronaldo”.

After the match, Ronaldo posted a shot high on the head of defender Sampdoria on his personal Twitter page, with the caption: “CR7 Air Jordan”. This is an expression used by fans to talk about basketball legend Michael Jordan before he scored every time.

In the second half, Ronaldo was also denied a goal against Sampdoria for offside. Even so, his head-on masterpiece still helped “Old Lady” to the top of the table, with three points more than Inter and played more than one match.

Yesterday was also a special day for goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. He equaled Paolo Maldini’s record 647 matches in Serie A, and surpassed Alessando Del Piero in the number of games played in Serie A for Juventus (479 matches).

Man City – the brightest candidate for the Premier League champion (Part 2)

This is also the eloquent message for the unparalleled resources that Guardiola inherited at Etihad. Summer 2018, Man City broke the club’s transfer record when recruiting Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City for $ 79 million. But Mahrez sat down for most of the season, only playing 14 times in the Premier League.

This summer, Man City spent $ 72 million on young Spanish midfielder Rodri. They then turned Joao Cancelo into the most high profile defender in history with $ 70 million (this number was removed after Man City sold Danilo back to Juventus). In total, Man City spent $ 250 million only for a full-back position within three years. And at the first match – against West Ham, Kyle Walker played like he wanted to remind Cancelo “don’t dream of taking his place”.

That’s how Guardiola created a positive competitive atmosphere in Man City. No one is irreplaceable. Look at Leroy Sane, the German striker who was very eager to join Bayern Munich before suffering a knee injury against West Ham. Superior talent, but last season Sane almost only prepared. So that Bayern knocked on the door, Man City gently replied: “160 million USD”, and did not accept bargaining. They are not short of money, and Guardiola knows what a player needs most: get on the pitch regularly.

Guardiola and Man City are being criticized, that they are too rich and their success is based on purchasing power on the transfer floor. One of the main critics is Jurgen Klopp. Guardiola immediately responded to fellow Liverpool side. The City’s chairman pointed out: the contracts brought back to Etihad are indelible to Guardiola’s extraordinary achievements, because Man Utd pointed out: money is not a panacea.

Last season, Liverpool showed remarkable courage to race against Man City until the final round. That competition created an illusion: City’s wealth did not create a significant advantage. But it is possible that this 2019-2020 season will expose that illusion.