Liverpool can maintain their form last season, although this is not certain. They still depend too much on Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino – the trio plowed through the previous season, and have just spent a summer tired of attending CAN and Copa America. Klopp’s registration list for this season is not much different from last season, with only one reserve goalkeeper added. The Champions League championship will put Liverpool on a stretch for the FIFA Club World Cup in December – the toughest month in the Premier League. The intense schedule at that time would set Klopp with a difficult problem.

If Liverpool lose their feet, Tottenham are likely to be the most fierce competitors. Tottenham are excited to be kicked on the new stadium. They had three more new recruits: Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon, Giovani Lo Celso of Real Betis and Fulham’s Ryan Sessegnon. But last season, Tottenham finished with 27 points behind Man City.

The challenge may still come from other teams, but whether a Chelsea is struggling because of a ban on transfer, a Man Utd with a confusing transfer policy, a real Arsenal has strengthened but not enough to overthrow Man City ? Mourinho recently stated: “Only four teams that are capable of winning the Premier League this season: Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Man City’s reserve team”.

In other words: if a compelling race takes place, it will not come from the fact that rivals are up to Man City and come from Man City dropping to the same level as them. The teams have to learn quickly how Benitez will defeat Man City. Besides Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Leicester City have defeated Guardiola’s team last season.

The way they do it is also different. Benitez told his students before the game that every mistake had to be paid, so much so that they did not dare to take a minute.