Natalia Partyka and Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi are the next two special schools to be updated at the London Olympics. The Olympic Committee increasingly loosens regulations on disability review standards. This is said to be a more humane move and broadens the ability of ordinary athletes to integrate into the world.

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Since the Olympic Committee has held fierce meetings to expand the athletes’ ability to participate in the Olympics. Many miracles have been built and have become stories that have touched audiences for generations.

After the Olympic-sized effort and Oscar Pistorius’s competition in athletics, Natalia Partyka’s table tennis match made many people shed tears. They have seen her play steadily with only her left hand.

If you only listen to Natalia’s competitive element, most won’t be surprised because she plays with her left hand. While her arm is no longer a right hand.

But the ability to maintain balance in the field of table tennis is extremely important, she had to practice extremely focused for a long time. She is able to maintain balance during movement like a normal athlete.

Not having many difficulties like Natalia, Malaysian shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi is not a handicapped athlete. But she was shocked when she was eight months pregnant to London for the Olympics.

Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi was pregnant during the Olympic preparations. This is normal and Malaysian women take family very seriously.

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Suryani also has no intention of abandoning this child to attend the top-notch arena. If the Malaysian Shooting Federation does not allow her to participate in this Olympics.

When she was pregnant, both Suryani and her husband were extremely happy. But when Suryani expressed his intention to still want to practice to go to London. Surprisingly, her husband completely agreed and cheered for his wife’s intention