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Kento Momota – A spectacular return to number 1 in the men’s badminton world rankings

Japanese tennis player Kento Momota is in his peak badminton era, acquiring almost all of the highest titles in the badminton world. He quickly rose to become the number 1 player globally.

It can be said that Japanese badminton once appeared in the men’s singles world championship finals before the match in 2018. Kento Momota has entered the history of Japanese badminton. When it reached the final of this tournament is in the men’s singles division as the first Japanese after many years of absence.

It was Kento Momota who continued to write history when becoming the first Japanese men’s singles champion in the world badminton tournament. He proved his natural talent when he surpassed the Chinese host country’s Shi Yuqi 2-0.

Top badminton player Kento Momota was the person who held second place in the world during the previous badminton championship season. The cause of this more than a year ban was due to him being involved in an illegal casino gambling suspicion.

He was determined to start again from zero. Just one year after returning to competitive badminton, Kento Momota had risen to the top of world badminton extremely convincingly.

Kento Momota has returned, showing her never-degrading status after more than a year of probation. He has surprised the world by winning all the noble titles.

Currently he has world, Asian, and world championships at all BWF levels. Most recently, he has made Japan proud to step up to the World Tour Finals 2020 championship.

The top badminton player beat Indonesia’s Anthony Ginting 17-21, 21-17, 21-14 after just 87 minutes of intense competition. He also won the last championship in Guangzhou, China.

It is worth noting, this is the 11th championship he achieved in the year. This has helped him overcome his historic record of winning 10 awards within a year of retired legend Lee Chong Wei.

Kento Momota lacked only one Olympic Olympic gold medal. In this tournament the Summer Olympics held in Japan itself in 2020. He was determined to win this gold medal, bringing glory to the country.

Factors that make a good tennis player

Here are a few factors that make up a good tennis player that you should refer to when planning to step on the next professional tennis path. If you are not really passionate, you cannot go far in any area of ​​life, and tennis is no exception. This is the most important factor, so I leave it first.

An environment full of good people, continuous practice and learning will help you quickly join the top players of the world. At the French and German academies that I’ve just attended, there are always top 30 ATP players who regularly practice with amateurs.

As a result, you always have a serious practice example in front of you, and it’s no wonder the players who come there learn very quickly. If you keep hitting and winning there is no reward for the effort, you will hardly improve when playing tennis. The key to becoming a good player is discipline and concentration when concentrating and playing.

At prestigious institutions, they have excellent spiritual encouragement, and also severe disciplinary measures. You may be dismissed from school if you do not show the discipline of the practice.

If the first three factors favor the mental factor, then from the 4th to 7th factor are the technical factors of using the racquet and the ball. The interesting thing when I hear them explain how to hold the racquets. Oh well, most of us do not talk about these extremely important elements.

Yet this is the main reason why most players keep moving up to a certain extent, stopping, and eventually having to re-practice. That’s how to grip after more than a decade of practicing tennis!

Tennis differs from Golf in that you do not have time to correct your posture, position and watch the weather. The ball comes so fast and can be in all directions. That’s making you have extremely flexible grip and practice your ability to handle different grip for each ball.

Tennis is a competition of movement. Even if you hit the ball with the right technique, but you cannot run to the ball, everything is in vain.

Artificial intelligence can advise future sports betting players

Every big football like Euro or World Cup, the betting world becomes exciting. There are people who are fortunate to earn a fortune, but there are also many people who are empty-handed. Is that in the future, when AI technology is booming. Can it offer advice to minimize the risk of losing a player?

According to BGR News, scientists are exploring how AI and machine learning predict the outcome of sports betting. That’s computer power has the potential to outperform an analytical child’s ability people.

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Specifically, they rely on machine learning, common statistics, and random approaches to make forecasts. The applied method is explained in detail by MIT Technology Review.

Instead of calculating the results at each arm, the process calculates the results of the random arms. It does this multiple times, each with a different set of branches also randomly selected. The end result is an average of all randomly generated decisions.

They analyze the probability of winning conditionally to create results for each stage in the tournament. The method indicates that Spain are better than Germany. Because Germany has a relatively high elimination rate in the round of 16 teams.

The data is then processed by the company so it can generate probability forecasts. Finally, the prediction was made that Germany will beat Brazil to crown, while the remaining two teams in the top 4 are Spain and France.

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Another company, Goldman Sachs, was also involved in the game using machine learning. Up to now, all of these predictions were wrong, because Germany came home right after the group stage. It’s too early to say that AI is likely to make more accurate predictions in the future.

Thereby it becomes an effective tool to help betting players more confident when participating in the fight with the house. Because football is an unpredictable sport with the element of surprise that can happen at any time.